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Attitude Gallery has more than 20 years experience buying, sourcing, curating, exhibiting and selling art so we're delighted to launch a specialist sourcing service for the works of LS LOWRY. Partnering with the UK's leading trade experts, our independent approach means we're focused on sourcing the best piece for you not just what's on our walls, our pricing is highly competitive and our wealth of experience means we will go the extra mile to source any Lowry work whatever your budget.

How it works...

  • We've always offered to track down specific pieces for clients - we've now partnered with the UK's leading Lowry experts to find the very best Lowry prints and lithographs for you.

  • We either offer a sourcing service for a specific Lowry piece or work with you to build a collection within a defined budget.

  • From popular pieces to highly desirable and collectible works

  • With Lowry prints, given their age and some of the methods used at the time, condition is key - we typically only source good, excellent or pristine work.

  • We can provide pieces either simply mounted (using acid-free mounts) or fully framed to museum and conservation standards.

  • Please get in touch! 

LSA Lowry
Peel Park by LS Lowry
LS Lowry

A few things to know about Lowry courtesy of Christies

Lowry trained under an Impressionist master
Given his day job and the seemingly naïve style of his paintings, it was long assumed that Lowry was self-taught. This is far from true: he took evening classes in painting and drawing at the Salford School of Art and the Manchester Municipal College of Art, where he studied under the French Impressionist Adolphe Valette. ‘I cannot overestimate his effect on me,’ Lowry later said of him.
Lowry was never a full-time artist: in his early twenties, he took a job as a rent collector, and this would be his primary trade for the next four decades. But he painted most days after work, late into the night — and firmly rejected the label of ‘Sunday painter’, remarking, ‘I'm a Sunday painter who paints every day of the week!’​

His favourite artist was Dante Gabriel Rossetti
In 1948, as he started to earn good money as a painter, Lowry moved to the affluent village of Mottram in Longdendale, near Manchester. He also began collecting work by artists he admired, particularly the Pre-Raphaelite Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Lowry even started a ‘Rossetti Society’, of which he became the first president. ‘There is no one quite like Rossetti,’ Lowry claimed. ‘His [pictures of] women are very wonderful.’

He served as a ‘firewatcher’ in Manchester during WWII

During the Blitz, Lowry volunteered two or three nights a week as a firewatcher on the roof of Manchester department stores such as Debenhams and Lewis’s. The destruction wreaked by the Luftwaffe transformed the cityscape, and this was duly reflected in Lowry’s paintings.
In Saturday Afternoon (1941), a group of local children play a game of pickup football on a spot of land that — until its recent demolition by bombs — had accommodated four streets of terraced houses.

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