EAU ROUGE by Paul Oz


Ayrton said in 1993 "If you take away Eau Rouge you take away the reason why I do this" which is why after very careful consideration renowned artist Paul Oz selected this particular pose for this pecial creation. Senna as he would've been positioned when driving this most iconic section of track – left – right – up hill, accelerating hard, back end trying to kick out. 


In an incredibly meticulous initiative endorsed by Instituto Ayrton Senna, Paul Oz has immortalised Senna in bronze. Paul and his foundry team have used cutting-edge technology fused with unrivalled craftsmanship to create these beautiful pieces created by the most prestigious foundry in the world. In a world first, hundreds of individual 2D images were stitched together to create a 3D model which was then refined to enhance the logos, suit folds and stitching.  The eventual 3D printed model was then resurfaced in clay and additional detail added. From there it was divided into smaller castable sections and formed in wax, complete with internal piping to pour the molten bronze in and allow the melted wax out.


Paul Oz says of the statue's pose:

"It’s a position alien to most and even many F1 fans don’t appreciate how extreme it is, even back in the 90’s, although more so now. If there's one thing I am happiest about with this statue is the dynamic and balance of the position."

Eau Rouge F1 Win Edition
Endorsed by Instituto Ayrton Senna
Life size 160kg bronze
Edition of 3
1 metre wind tunnel size bronze
Edition of 41
£49,000 each
30cm white acrylic
Edition of 161
for further details please call us on
01565 633777
Paul Oz at McLaren Technology Centre, Woking
Paul Oz Senna Eau Rouge at McLaren MTC Woking
Eau Rouge Championship Edition
at McLaren Technology Centre, Woking
Ayrton's 1991 World Championship MP4
McLaren's Zak Brown on Sky F1
Senna lit with Brazilian green at the MTC


McLaren Manchester 720 Spider Launch Event

with Serenity Designs Knutsford, our partners Attitude Gallery and special guest Paul Oz 

Paul Oz with Serenity Designs' guests at McLaren Manchester
1st Edition of F1 Entry Acrylic Edition

For further details please call us on 01565 633777


F1 Win Edition with McLaren Senna at McLaren Manchester
F1 Race Entry Edition of Eau Rouge
also available as 
Hand Embellished Canvas £1,175 framed
Limited Edition Paper  
£385 Framed
£425 Deluxe
Eau Rouge
01565 633777



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