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Star Wars Han Solo Solitaire

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Location: Knutsford

Can you save Han Solo from the carbonite? Find out in Star Wars Han Solo Solitaire!

In a galaxy far, far away...the Millennium Falcon crew are traveling to Jabba the Hutt’s Palace on the planet Tatooine. Your mission is to save Han Solo from his carbon freeze block. To complete your mission, you will need to move all the cards from the Flight Path to the Landing Pads in ascending order!

Plus you can graduate from Padawan to Jedi Master with a roguish twist on the classic game of Solitaire. Perfect for Han Solo and Star Wars fans alike, and suitable for ages 8+, 1-2 players and has an average 20 minute gameplay.

Packaged in a portable Han Solo carbon frozen tin, it can be taken on your missions throughout the galaxy. Printed on FSC paper using vegetable inks.

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